↳ Julian Casablancas for L’Officiel Hommes Paris by Andrew Hail (x)


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Art by Sachin Teng. Check out more of his amazing work http://sachinteng.tumblr.com/

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Three Kings.
By hesit8in

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Anna Pan is an animation student at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. The blend of daily life with surrealism creates contemplative, enigmatic pieces that easily draw the eye.

A lot of the time I find myself drawing or reusing a lot of my older characters — especially the ones from a couple of years ago, where their stories are so convoluted and have been changed so many times I can’t really remember what happen[s] to them anymore. They still stay in the back of my mind, and I use a lot of them as guinea pigs or vessels for my own emotions and experiences. I think I’ve been through so much with them that I’m too fond of them to let them go… 

Interview with Anna Pan

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Check out the interview i did for artandcetera! Thanks so much to Alex for asking me to do the interview! 

if y’all aren’t following anna you should bc she is a phenomenal artist

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Daniel Danger (b. Boston MA, USA) - Title with each Illustration. Digital Arts

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