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If you like drunk boys in boxers, or old and unused bathtubs, then you might just like this week’s episode of F*cking Mondays, Man.

It’s called Wine-ing and Whining.

Feel free to wine and whine in the comments section, too.


Hanging with LEGS’ Adam Joseph

In our never-ending quest to infiltrate cool spaces, The Inside Source visits LEGS Media’s Adam Joseph in his Brooklyn residence. Acting as co-founder and managing director of the multi-media studio, Adam is the master juggler of diverse projects. “One day we’re creating an interactive music video and the next we’re doing a holographic show” quips the digital sensei, “but hopefully we have more than one day to create each”. Recently dubbed as “a notable player in the world of experiential marketing" by Ad Age magazine, we were eager to see what inspires this man on the home front.

The most refreshing common denominator in his abode? Plants. Lots of them. “They bring a sense of peace to me. I’m also an avid orchid enthusiast” admits Adam. “It could take a year of giving them the right conditions to get them to flower for less than a month… and that’s a sense of accomplishment”. 

We couldn’t agree more so we searched eBay for a few inspirations ourselves — including hanging macrame pieces and other creative terrariums to house your future home plants. Let the green thumbing begin. 

(Photo: Aaron Stern for TIS)

Hella cool space indeed.


Tokyo Basics  - Tetsu Nishiyama (WTAPS)

(scanned from eyescream january 2014)

Idk but I dig the scan lines on these.

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India by matt bower

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A few thoughts and words of encouragement about the journey to the top.

On the last Friday of each month, I fill in the blank with something I love, or something I’m obsessed with, or whatever I’m feelin’ at the moment.

This is Blank Friday, and today I’m filling the blank with the hustle.

Let’s talk about it.

followandreblog asked: How has life been different there? How have you been different ever since you moved? Are there specific things (minus people) you miss here?

Every now and then I look around me and think that nothing is the same anymore - and then I stop and ask myself just how true that is.

I definitely feel like the same awkward kid who grew up on a farm and has big dreams of reaching the top. I’m still, definitely, surrounded by people I care about, and who care about me. I’m still reading comics books til the wee hours of the morning. I’m still sitting on patios and balconies and smoking cigarettes.

I think the only real difference is that the world feels bigger to me now. There are so many more things that I’ve seen and experienced that made me appreciate life more.

That, and people live far away from each other out here.

I miss just being able to ride a jeep or a tricycle for a few minutes to see every single one of my friends.

I want to relocate everyone I love into this city. Lol

Anonymous asked: Hated or ignored: if you weren't emotionally detached due to your addiction to distraction, which would be worse?

Ignored, think. I would much rather be passionately wrong than be passionately nothing at all.